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No Futility In Utilities

Posted by parm Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 12:35PM ET

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The utility sector has been one of the best performing sectors of 2014. The XLU is up over 10% YTD and currently yields about 3.45%. Utilities are perceived to be a safe sector that does not reflect risk taking.


Now, let's compare the XLU to some of the growth areas or so called "risk" ETF's. SOCL is down over 10% YTD (down about 19% from its recent highs). IBB up just over 2% (down over 15% from its recent highs). QQQ down over 1% YTD (down just under 5% from its recent highs). IWM down over 0.5% YTD (down over 5% from its recent highs).


Based on those numbers it looks like money has been fleeing riskier names and flowing into the safety of a sector like XLU. If the markets are so great and healthy, then why are growth sectors lagging and safe sectors like XLU leading. Regardless of the answer, one thing is sure, this is a great time to be involved in the markets!


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InterCloud Systems: A Stock I Have My Eye On...But Did Not Buy Yet

Posted by Gareth Soloway Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 12:33PM ET

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InterCloud Systems Inc (NASDAQ:ICLD) is a small company in a big sector. The sector is telecom and cloud based services. This is a growth stock which has shown great energy through acquisitions. Over the last year it has started to reap the rewards. While the latest quarter showed a loss, not nearly what investors were expecting, it is important to remember that any stock which is buying companies, will ultimately take a hit as they incorporate those businesses into their own. The key is, when the dust settles do they show solid growth. That is what we are waiting to see on InterCloud Systems.


InterCloud has some impressive technology offerings going forward. The stock has fallen sharply of late after some bad press. Just today, the CEO Mark E. Munro wrote an open letter to the shareholders. While the contents of the letter were nothing amazing, it is good to see a CEO who communicates with shareholders. This is what you want going forward if you were to invest.


In January, InterCloud traded as high as $19.00 before collapsing down to its current price of $4.12. While I have not bought yet, I am beginning to get interested. I plan on doing some more research and then coming to my final decision. At a market capitalization of under $50 million, and the possibility of turning a profit in a year or two, this may be a rare opportunity to buy a stock on the cheap.


Gareth Soloway

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Will Tech Stocks Trigger A Market Sell?

Posted by kristof Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 12:02PM ET

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The past few days we saw a nice float higher in the markets after the crazy selling last week. Today, some of the bigger tech companies, $AAPL and $FB will release their earnings. Do those numbers really matter to traders? As a technical trader, I look to the charts to tell the future. I do not listen to the hype or reports put out by companies, which is often old news (baked into the cake), or even false information. Instead, I trade the reaction based on the charts. The charts will tell you where a stock is going, eliminating the noise.

Analyzing the QQQ daily time frame chart, you can see an inside bearish pattern forming; this is indicating that we can see some selling the coming days. If AAPL and FB miss on earnings we can see some heavy selling again in the overall markets. We will watch the charts to give us the heads up on this occurring. 

As a trader, it is important to read the charts and understand the chart patterns. Avoid any hype or noise and you will begin to see things much clearer. 
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How LOW Can The Stock Go?

Posted by Nick Santiago Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 11:50AM ET

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This morning, the leading home improvement retailer Lowes Cos Inc (LOW) is coming under some selling pressure. The stock is trading lower by 0.83 cents to $46.72 a share. Day traders can watch for solid intra-day support around the $46.31 level. This is an area which should be supported by the institutional money, therefore day traders can expect a bounce around this level. Home Depot is trading lower as well today. It seems that the home improvement retailers are declining after the new home sales report. The report showed that sales of new single-family homes in the United States fell to their worst level in eight months. 


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Posted by EvanP Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 11:46AM ET

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Two years ago not a day went by without a mention of this market darling. Apple Inc. was a "can't lose trade" with 80% of hedge fund managers owning it in their portfolios.


In September 2012 the stock topped out over $700 and has been struggling ever since. Why you ask? Competition. One company can only dominate a space for so long before its competitors catch up and even surpass its products. Look at Samsung and its suite of Galaxy products that some would argue are now better than the iPhone and iPad.


With the much anticipated AAPL earnings report scheduled for today after the closing bell, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to this once loved company. The weekly chart is showing bearish consolidation from the 1/31/2014 close. Downside targets are well below $500.

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