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The ONLY InTheMoneyStocks Review

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Review Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 05:55PM ET

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When it comes to the facts, we like to let the most important part do the talking, the results. Our track record, which details every single call given to Research Center members for the past 3 years is all you need to see. When it comes down to the facts, this is the best and only, InTheMoneyStocks Review you ever need to see. Take a look at the track record of every swing trade call given to Research Center members right here.


We even take it a step further and provide you with the videos our members have made themselves. Again, when it comes to an InTheMoneyStocks Review, viewing the facts and hearing it from those who use the services, just like yourself - there is no better way to get a true feel and insight into the facts and what you should expect as a member! 


If you are not aware, our Research Center is our main service geared towards the swing trader, investor and those with a day job who cannot be tied to their computer.  As a Research Center member, you are granted access to daily videos, twice/week live broadcasts, live trade alerts which are sent directly to your mobile device and email so you never miss a thing! This is all you need, and in the words of our members,  "resurrect your portfolio." Like we said folks, the facts are the facts, their is no disputing the track record of our Pros.  So if you are every looking for factual InTheMoneyStocks Reviews, look no further. We are looking forward to featuring your InTheMoneyStocks Review video soon!


Now take note of these videos made by our members below and view them all right here... 



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Markets Advance: Watch These Key Levels And Trade These Stocks

Posted by Gareth Soloway Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 01:51PM ET

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InTheMoneyStocks Review: The Truth Inside The Service

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Publications Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 12:31PM ET

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My name is Kellen McConnell. I have been reviewing various 'investment services' on the internet and writing reviews. I took the Research Center on January 1st, 2014 with the intention of just doing it for one month, then writing my results. I decided to use just a $25,000 account and buy each play they gave out, then analyze my results. As of today, I am still a member with over a 26.3% return in just over 3 months. I am blown away. There are so many services out there that are total nonsense. This is the real deal. I have struck gold and am happy to finally write a great review on a service.


I had heard a lot about the proprietary PPT Strategies developed by Gareth Soloway and Nick Santiago. When joining, I was skeptical to say the least. However, I jumped right in and gave it a shot. Their methodology takes swing trading to a new level. If you are a beginner who wants to stay a beginner, this service can be used to just take the alerts. However, IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. Over the course of the last few months I started to learn and practice what they were preaching. It gives you a brand new perspective on the stock market and all the nonsense that regular financial media spits out. I can't help but laugh at how Gareth and the methodology essentially go the opposite of the general media and average investor and make money non-stop.


Back to the results: So far in 2014 they have put out a total of 49 trades (open and closed). That is over 3 swing trade alerts triggered each week. Out of those 49 triggered trade alerts, they only had 5 losing trades. That is a win rate of over 90%. I have honestly never seen such a thing. Most other services I have tried have been at best, 60% with a majority losing more than they win. These guys truly pack a punch for the meager price of $49.99. Below you can see the track record. Everything is time stamped on their site so the accuracy is 100%.


I emailed Chief Market Strategists, Gareth and Nick to let them know I was doing this review and how impressed I was with them. They talked to me for over an hour on the phone and were total class acts the whole way. By the way, they just launched a new website that is faster with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. I am hooked and look forward to making money with them. I will post new reviews on my website of other services in the coming months.


Happy trading to all and don't forget, they offer a free trial to the Research Center. Join it and see for yourself.


Kellen McConnell



Oil Stocks Reach Max Move Upside Limits: Shorting Made Simple

Posted by Gareth Soloway Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 12:05PM ET

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Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM), ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) and Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX) have all rallied for multiple months. Why has this rally taken place and is there an opportunity to short them for their coming dip? The answer is yes, money can be made shorting these plays in this range. All three of these stocks are into resistance and have maxed themselves out in the near term. In fact, with an up market today, you can see they are all trading slightly lower. This shows relative weakness and tells us that any drop in the market will see these stocks dip heavily.


Why have they been so explosive of late while the market has seen such volatility and weakness? The answer is two fold. First, they all pay large dividends and are known as safety stocks. This means when things get scary, money has been rotating into them as a safe haven trade. In addition, look at the chart of oil in the last month or two. The price of oil has increased dramatically, hovering over the $100 per barrel level. Increased tensions between Russia and the west has helped stoke them higher. Also, let's not forget the driving summer season is upon us. All these factors have helped the energy plays surge.


What will bring them down? Waning fear over Russia will help bring energy prices down. In addition, as the Federal Reserve withdraws more quantitative easing, the economy will get slightly weaker as the Dollar gets stronger. Also, expectations for earnings on these companies is sky high. Expect them to perform decently but investors to take profits on those results.


These factors will bring energy stocks down about 5-7% in the coming weeks. Take the seven day free trial to the Research Center. Join the Pros as they give out trade alerts, daily videos, live broadcasts and more just like this 10% winner from this morning. Join today and profit for life.


Gareth Soloway

Chief Market Strategist



The Sole Reason Why Earnings Won't Matter This Time Around Either

Posted by Nicholas Santiago Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 11:57AM ET

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It is corporate earnings season once again in the stock market. If you turn on CNBC or any other financial news network, they are likely to be talking about the different companies that are reporting earnings this week. While the earnings reports will affect the individual stocks, they will have very little impact on the major stock market indexes, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or the S&P 500 Index. The reason why current corporate earnings reports will not matter for the major stock indexes is because the USD/JPY (U.S. Dollar vs Japanese Yen) is the real driving force in the stock market. This is called the yen carry trade and it provides the liquidity for the major stock indexes to continue to trade higher.

The recent decline in the stock market in early April was blamed on the weak financial and bio-tech stocks, but there was very little blame on the weak USD/JPY currency pair. If you seem skeptical on this, just look at a daily chart of the USD/JPY from April 4th, 2014. At that time, the USD/JPY chart dropped from $104.13 down to $101.32 by April 11th, 2014. This is the same amount of time that the major stock indexes dropped before bouncing back higher. In other words, the USD/JPY moves the major stock indexes not the corporate earnings reports that are being released right now.

Traders and investors should note that when the USD/JPY chart comes under selling pressure the major stock indexes are likely to follow. Why does this happen? Well, the large institutions seem to be highly leveraged to the Japanese Yen and will make money when the yen weakens against the U.S. Dollar. After all, Japan is printing more money than the Federal Reserve so it understandable why the institutional money would bet this way. They take the proceeds from the weak yen and buy the major stock indexes. On the flip side, when the Japanese Yen strengthens against the U.S Dollar the liquidity to support the major stock indexes dries up and down the major stock indexes go. So in a nutshell, the major stock indexes such as the S&P 500 Index will trade higher when the USD/JPY trades higher. This is the reason why corporate earnings will not matter this time around either.  


Take a look at this recent 10% winning trade from the Research Center, and get ready for more!


Nicholas Santiago



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